The Structure Sensor , a 3D sensor for mobile devices. Measure entire rooms all at once!

The Art and Science of a Mac Menubar App

Ever wonder about all those menu bar apps on your MacBook or iMac? Here’s the low down with a look at some of the more popular ones too.

Lifehacker:OS X Mountain Lion: Learn New Features, Fix Annoying Ones

The folks at have prepared a good video about upgrading to Mountain Lion: OS X Mountain Lion: Learn New Features, Fix Annoying Ones, and Uncover the Secrets

Mountain Lion Is Here

Apple’s new OS for the Macintosh OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion after a year of development is finally here. Here is some of the relevant news and information from around the net on the new OS:

Mountain Lion is almost here, are you ready?

Macworld has an good article, actually it is part of a coming series of articles on getting your computer ready for the next iteration of the Macintosh OS called Mountain Lion…

Get your Mac ready for Mountain Lion

The better shape your Mac is in before 10.8 arrives, the better your installation will go

by Dan   Jul 11, 2012 2:00 pm

Editor’s note: This article is the first in a series of upcoming articles on installing Mountain Lion. We’ll publish a complete guide to the new version of OS X once the update becomes available.

The word on the street is that Apple has released to developers the golden master of Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8)—the final non-public version. And that means the official public release of Mountain Lion isn’t far off. Speculating on the specific date of release makes for interesting discussion—all Apple has said publicly is that the new version will arrive in July—but those aiming to upgrade as soon as the new OS drops have more pressing matters: Getting their Macs ready for Mountain Lion.

As with Lion (OS X 10.7) last year, Apple is advertising Mountain Lion as dead-simple to install. But as with every major upgrade to OS X, there are a few things you can do before Mountain Lion is released to ensure that your Mac is ready for the new release.

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New! We just launched

We just launched a new brother/sister website  iOS 4 to complement what we have here

If you have an iOS app (iPad, iPhone, and iPad Touch) you would like to recommend to other building, remodeling and construction professionals please take a trip over there and tell us about it.

iPhone Tips

Phil Herzegovitch (aka ‘philthegreek’ if you see him in the Journal of Light Contracution Online Forums) is a Macintosh contractor in Danbury CT (Daedalus Design – Remodeling – Renovation – Additions – Danbury CT) and in a discussion regarding smart phones in general he posted this great set of tips in the JLC Business Technology forum the other day…

Here are some tips for the iPhone that may be of benefit to some of you iPhone owners;

25 Awesome iPhone tips and tricks | Digital Crave – Yahoo!If any of you guys are close to an Apple Store, you should make sure that you register with them as a business customer. They have specials services only for businesses, including tech workshops and seminars. Also, you can call them if you need an item (such as an iPad) or peripheral, and if they have it in stock you can put a hold on it so you can pick it up at the end of the business day or even the next day (but that is the limit). They are really trying to push their business side.


The ’25 Awesome iPhone tips’ link is great but perhaps just as important is the second part he mentions there about making sure the folks in the Apple Store know You Are A Business Customer is an important one so many contractors fail to pick up on when they’re in their purchasing their tools like a new Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Steve Jobs 1955—2011

Steve Jobs

QuickEye: A Plan Take Off Tool for “The Rest of Us”

Up until now Mac Users who wanted a take-off tool to work with drawings from plan rooms or work with drawing that came from anywhere for that matter found themselves left out in the cold and they had to devote a machine (virtual or otherwise) to run the Windows OS with one of Windows based Take Off tools.

Well now there’s QuickEye and while it does bring a rich set of take-off features to the Mac platform its’ also for Windows users too.


They say on thier website:

"With only one to three hours invested in learning and setup, you will gain one to two hours each day in productivity."

It took me a lot less than that. They have a regulary updated schedule of Go To Meeting based taining classes that you can just call them about and speak to one of the trainers .

If you’re ready to go and want to get started right away visit their Account Setup & Purchase License page to get yourself started.

Goldenseal from Turtle Creek Software

Turtle Creek Software out of Ithaca NY has been producing construction estimating software and construction accounting software, since 1987. (About Turtle Creek) Indeed my first introduction to estimating software on the Mac platform was with their now defunct Excel spreadsheet based product MacNail.

In 2000 Turtle Creek introduced Goldenseal as their new flagship product.

The basic core Estimating package of Goldenseal ($395 for single user) has tools for estimating, scheduling, contract writing, project and business management. They also have a more comprehensive package ($695 for single user) that also has software tools in it for job costing, general accounting, payroll, billing, tracking inventory, as well as rental property management and retails sales.

Goldenseal runs on both Mac and Windows platforms and also comes in multi-user versions too ($995 for two users, $1295 for five users, $1795 for up to 10 users, and $2495 for up to 20 users. Add $50 to get Goldenseal on more than one platform , ie. both Mac and Windows).

The software also comes with several sets of “starter” unit costs such as a Construction Starter File with unit costs for new construction, remodeling and repair estimates, a Paint Starter File with unit costs for painting and paint preparation, a Drywall Starter File with unit costs for drywall, taping, plaster and stucco estimating, and a Framing Starter File with unit costs for framing contractors doing wood and metal stud framing.

For more on Goldenseal take a look at the YouTube review from Top Ten reviews for  Goldenseal – Construction Estimation Software Solution – YouTube