360 Difference Estimating 4.0 is finally here!

360 Difference Estimating 4.0 for Macintosh, Windows and iPad* is finally here….well almost…

This is the public beta were releasing and we have a special offer to any new users who join us while were still in the beta test period this December. Purchase 360 Difference Estimating for the the discounted price of $265.00 ($100 off the regular price of $365) and we’ll give you the "Sales" interface module when it’s ready so you can estimate projects from your iPad* (*360 Difference requires FileMaker Go to run on a iPad) and the other 360 Difference 4.0 Modules too as they roll off the assembly line.

Click Here To Download a Demo of the 360 Difference Estimating 4.0 preview

For a limited time we’ll also enroll you in the beta test release programs for our other 360 Difference Modules that you see on our start-up screenshot below as we bring them up-to-date.

If you don’t already own a license of FileMaker Pro 11( you can try out a demo of FileMaker Pro 11 too by clicking here: FilemakerTrial.com) the Runtime versions of our programs have there own a built-in FileMaker engine and run with the only restriction being that the program wont produce PDF documents from within the application.

Any questions? Feel free to give me a call at 914-301-5838 and if your a Macintosh user using Tiger 10.5 or later I’ll be very happy to give you a live online demostration of the programs capabilites using the Share a-Screen capabilties in Apple iChatAV. Again, any questions about Share-a-Screen just call me and I’ll talk you through it too.