Electronic House: iPhone Takes Control

The Jan/Feb issue of Electronic House magazine has an article iPhone Takes Control: The ubiquitous mobile device can control your home that covers some of the applications already available and takes a look at the direction iPhone application development will probably go in in the near future. The article appears online as:

Let Your iPhone Take Full Control:

Many manufacturers are developing apps that make Apple’s ubiquitous mobile device a touchpanel controller for automation, lighting, distributed audio and more.

Apple has already sold more than 6 million iPhones, and many home control companies are capitalizing on that trend by engineering their systems to communicate directly with the ubiquitous mobile device, as well as with Apple’s iPod and iPod touch products.

“People depend on their mobile devices for communication and entertainment. Now those same devices can be used to control the home,” says Chuck Hudson, co-founder of Control UI, a software development firm that collaborated with home control systems manufacturer Control4 to develop a software application for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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